Hair Bands To Easter Napkin Rings

Hair Bands To Easter Napkin Rings

This tutorial shows you how to take store bought hair bands and turn them into Easter Bunny Napkin Ring Holders. Cute, simple project that you can do with the kids this Easter!

What you need

Hair Bands With Bunny Ear Tabs In pastel colors


For this store-bought hack you need to find hair ribbons that have the bow ends on them like these below. I paid $1 for the pack of three.

These bow ends will become our Bunny Ears. The tip to making these look Eastery is to purchase in pastels.


I am sure we don’t need to tell you the next step :).

Open the packet and pop them onto the napkin. It’s so simple but such a great store bought hack.



Ours look great. Hope you have fun this Easter!

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