Gold Fish In A Bag Soap

Gold Fish In A Bag Soap

Delight your guests with this creative idea to make a goldfish in a bag soap.

What you need

Ultra Clear Soap Base- approximately 8 ounces per bag
4 x 8 Clear Plastic Bag- (with twist ties). We used orange twist ties to match the color of the fish.
Vinyl Goldfish
Periwinkle Blue Sea Salts- a handful of blue colored salts to add color.


Step One

This is one of the rare occasions when we recommend using the microwave. Melt approximately 8-10 ounces of Melt and Pour Soap base clear in a glass measuring cup. A 4-cup Pyrexý measuring cup is ideal since is has a pouring spout. Melt soap in increments of 15-20 seconds. DO NOT OVERHEAT.

Step Two

Allow soap base to cool to a temperature of 140-145 degrees. If adding fragrance, do so at this time. Be certain to thoroughly incorporate the fragrance into the soap base.

Step Three

Pour a 1/4 inch layer of soap base into one of the Basic Circle mold cavities. Sprinkle a generous layer of Periwinkle Blue sea salt into the soap mold cavity. Pour another layer of clear melted soap base until it reaches the top edge of cavity.

Step Four

Position the fish onto the top of the poured soap cavity. (See below photo). You want to have the fish resting on top of the circle with a small bottom portion of fish resting in clear soap base. The bottom portion of the fish should be secured in the soap base, however, the top half of the fish should protrude above the poured cavity. This step is done to position the fish so that it does not flip or turn upside down (like a dead fish in water) when the final soap layer is poured.

Step Five

Fish is embedded on top of poured soap base.

Allow soap to set up in the cavity until firm enough to remove. Carefully remove soap from molded cavity and trim away any excess soap around the top edge.

Step Six

The molded circle cavity and fish embed are now ready to insert into the 4 x 8″ bag. It may be a bit difficult to insert the molded fish into a bag. It helps if you fold down the top of bag placing it over the outside of the bag. This helps to shorten the bag which allows the molded circle/fish cavity to be positioned more easily inside the bag. Your goal is to position the molded cavity (shown above) into the bottom of the 4x 8 inch bag. Once positioned, tuck the protruding sides (the pointed parts at the bottom of the bag) beneath the bottom edge of bag. You don’t want little points jutting out. The finished package will look much nicer if these points are tucked beneath the bag.

Step Seven

The embedded circle/fish mold should now be positioned upright into the bottom of the plastic bag. It may be necessary to reheat the ultra clear soap base before pouring the final layer. Heat the soap base to an adequate and safe pouring temperature. Spray a layer of rubbing alcohol into the bag (on top of the inserted circle/fish cavity). This will help the layers to adhere to each other. Once this is done, pour a continuous layer of ultra clear soap base into the bag (which now contains the circle/fish embed). If necessary, unroll the outside edges of the bag as you pour the soap base to help the bag to maintain an upright position. Spray poured soap base with rubbing alcohol as needed to remove any air bubbles. Rubbing alcohol helps to maintain a smooth pouring surface. Continue pouring the ultra clear soap base until desired level is reached. The top of fish should be adequately covered by soap base.

Step Eight

Allow soap to set-up until completely (firm and cool to touch). Use twist tie to close bag.

Note: Any small plastic toy can be used with this project. Because this soap contains a small toy, it should not be used by children under 4 years of age OR with any child who may place the embedded toy in their mouth. We recommend a product disclaimer concerning the potential choking hazard of embedded toy objects.

goldfish bag soap

This project contributed by Denise Marks. Supplies can be purchased at Soap Making Supply superStore.



  1. We got our fish from Orientel Traders.

  2. Okay I’ve got to know where in the world you got the fish… I Love this idea… my son is having a “fishing” birthday party soon and this would be a cool goodie for the goodie bags…

    Please email me @

  3. aaahhhmazing…good job!

  4. craftykid101 says

    i actually think it would be hummorous to have the fish upsidedown thats what i tend on doing lol either way i think its cute =)

  5. great Idea

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  7. SoccerFreak2014 says

    I thought it was an actual fish in the soap at first! I had to read to figure it out this time, I usually try and figure it out by the picture but not this time

  8. Marshmellowmas says

    Wow! for a second there i thought that was a real fish!!! lol!!! i defently get to this craft!!!

  9. i like thes site coz it is very cool and i will try to do all of thes things

  10. jimmychooshoes says

    hi i dont do these rewiews alot but i tryied this the other day and i just thought that this was the best craft ever!it is perfect for little loot-bags for partys!

    i would reylly sugest this because it is fun,cheap,and EASY!

  11. jimmychooshoes says

    i just thought that this was a great craft. i really liked it because i could put this coolsoap/toy in a little party lootbag. it is just great!

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