Sugar Scrub – After Sport

Sugar Scrub – After Sport

This recipe shows you how to make a soothing after sport sugar scrub that makes a great gift for the sport nut in your life especially one who visits the beach or rugged areas and needs to exfoliate their skin.

What you need

Olive oil
Wintergreen essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil
Pine essential oil
Recycled container


Start by cleaning your recycled container. You can sterilize it using boiling water then allow it to dry completely.

Obviously everyone’s jar is going to be a different size, so follow these simple steps to find out how much ingredients you need.

Fill your jar 3/4 of the way full with sugar.

Then pour this sugar into a bowl. Then fill a 1/4 of your jar with olive oil and pour this into the bowl.

Mix well, making sure all the sugar is coated in oil. You may need to add a little more oil if your sugar is super absorbent.

Add equal drops of all 4 essential oils. As a guide around 10 drops of each oil to 1 litre is a nice strong combination. You can customize it to suit your own sensitivity to smell by adding more or less oil.

As this sugar scrub is like to go into a shower to be used, then add a removable label or a waterproof label.

To use: Simply spoon 1-2 tbs into your hand and scrub into your aching joints.


  1. I have just used this and wow my skin feels soooooooooo soft, I didnt add the sport mix I used honeysuckly and wow it smells good! will defently beening making it again with the sport mix would make great prezzies

  2. you can find essential oils at most organic health food stores or wherever natural soaps/lotions are sold. my peppermint oil is “NOW” brand, found at a natural foods store. visit

  3. are the oils needed?
    where can i get them?
    i have not tried this yet but a rating is required, so i just put 5 stars.

  4. Thanks! Great Father’s Day Gift Idea!

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