Goat’s Milk Soap

Goat’s Milk Soap

This goat's milk soap recipes uses the Melt & Pour Method of soap making.

What you need

225 g or 9 ounces of Goat’s milk
4.5 g (2 tsp) of powdered benzoin (or other preservative)
340 g/12 ounces of grated Soap or soap flakes


Take the Melt and Pour Soap base and chop into small blocks. Use a double boiler, crock pot or microwave to melt the soap. Mix the Milk and Benzion together into the melted soap. Once mixed pour into molds.



  1. Where do you get goat’s milk?

  2. Want to try this but was wondering if this is liquid goats milk or powder?

  3. Goat milk is very good for the skin. And soaps which contain this ingredient is usually expensive.I gonna make my own, thanks!

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