Glitter ID Pendant

Glitter ID Pendant

This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a fun ID pendant great as an event name tag or as a elderly parent or child's ID tag.

What you need

Diamond Glaze or resin.
Printed Image and Name
Large Photo Pendant


Start by printing out a small image and name onto some paper. This project uses a picture of a Bottle Of Hope that was given to Rita, Rita’s name tag is for use during Bottle Of Hope Volunteer days so the bottle was very appropriate.

Cut the image to size and glue it down into the Pendant.

Glitter was sprinkled around the edges to cover any seams.
Allow it to dry before filling the pendant with the Diamond glaze or resin. Using a paint brush swirl through a little glitter for a glimmering effect.

Allow it to dry overnight before wearing.
You could finish off this pendant by engraving contact details or medical details onto the back.


  1. this is a really cute idea:)

  2. thank you!

  3. tikitech13 says

    This sounds neat. I was looking for some way to give my girls a name tag that brings out their sparkling personality, and I think this would be it! Thanks!

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