Glam Flower Brooch

Glam Flower  Brooch

Take your plain silk flower and embellish it to suit your tastes, we added some glitter highlights to the flower to make it glisten.

What you need

plain silk flower
brooch back
glitter glue
pearl beads
hot glue


The crystal pearl beads were threaded onto some fine gauge wire , secured with hot glue and then pushed through the flower and secured at the back with a dab or two of hot glue.

The feathers were glued onto the back, you can have as many or as little as you like. or even leave them off all together.

Glue a brooch onto the back and there you have it.. a very glam brooch.


  1. gosh how many i made over 100 and sold them for 3 dollars i made 123 bucks !!!

  2. Gorgeous!!!

  3. This thing is so elegant. I love it!!!!!

  4. I LUVED IT!!!

  5. I made something similar for my daughters dress with an opening that kept gaping. I also attached some sewn looped ribbons on the back
    in differing lengths and glued some pearly beads in the centre to go with the dress

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