Garden Wheelbarrow

Garden Wheelbarrow

This Garden wheelbarrow is a cute addition to a court yard or garden.

What you need

Base paints
Paint brushes
Sponge brushes
Wheel barrow


Start by base painting the barrow. We painted the barrow and wiped off the excess paint to leave it with a light green stain.

Using the solid green base paint the grass areas.

Using a pencil draw out your design. We included the word WELCOME and also some small flowers.

Then simply paint in your designs. If you are having trouble with your flowers trace them from a garden book onto the barrow using graphite paper.

Once the barrow is finished seal it with a outdoor varnish.

Fill the barrow with soil and use it as a garden or use it to house potted plants.


  1. do you have a patern for the wheel barrow itself
    love the idea but would have to make barrow first

  2. This is very nice and not that difficult to make!!!
    Keep it up and coming!!!

  3. harley620gt says

    This is a great project. It will look great in my front yard garden. I found the weelbarow at Hobby Lobby. Thanks Debbie

  4. this is awsome! is their anywhere where i can buy mini wheelbarows to put by my flowes outside?

  5. This is what I’ve been looking for! Thank you for your design idea! Libby

  6. Nice idea if you can draw! With the right house it would look amazing! I wish I could draw like that.

  7. I love this and I like how there is no template, so each artist can create their own design.

  8. i build many of these garden wheelbarrows and never thought to paint it with flowers. Great to have your idea. thanks

  9. It would have been better with a template for the wheel barrow.

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