Game Of Thrones Crystal Gemstone Crown

Game Of Thrones Crystal Gemstone Crown

This tutorial shows you how to make your own crystal tiara or crown. This DIY is perfect for Halloween dress-ups, theme nights and Game of Thrones Parties.

What you need

Glass Crystals (ebay) or Crystal Quartz
2 x 2 inch
4 x 1.5 inch
1 crystal tiara
Silicon Glass glue or Goop

Some crystal meanings are these, choose a  crystal gemstone that reflects your healing needs.

Rose Quartz – For love and heart health

Sodalite –For inner peace, wisdom and calming a quick temper

Amethyst – For spiritual awakening, promotes healthy sleep and raises the personal vibration

Clear Quartz—For clarity, healing of all kinds, prom



For this tutorial I used a store bought tiara headband ($2.50) and glass crystals beads.


The hardest thing with creating this Game of Thrones inspired crown is keeping the crystals in place whilst it dries. I used a large paper towel roll to hold the headband. Using glue secure each crystal in place to suit the design of your crown. Allow to dry and clean up any excess glue before it dries. (I didn’t and it can be seen in the photo)



  1. Nancy Bentley-Wennberg says

    Project is great!!! If you use a blow dryer on the crystals, the glue will set more quickly making it a little easier to work with,

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