Furry Rat Door Stop

Furry Rat Door Stop

Scare the kids and visitors with this life like door stop that looks like a furry rat!

What you need

Fur Fabric
2 Beads for eyes
1 Bead for nose
1 square of pink felt for ears and tail
Toy Filling


Using the pattern below make a pattern for your rat. You can enlarge the pattern to any size you like but a realistic size would be around 100% bigger than the pattern below. You can alter this in your image program or just on a photocopier.

Furry Rat Pattern

The pattern is very simple so you could draw it freehand if you are feeling creative.

Cut one body from your fur fabric, four ears and a piece for the tail around 1 1/2 inches wide and a suitable length from the felt.

With right sides together stitch around the ears leaving the bottom open, trim seam and turn right side out. Do the same for the second ear.

Pleat each ear over at the bottom and secure with a few stitches.

On the body you will see a line marked out for the ear slit, cut this open and stitch in the ear and secure at the back.

Make two darts as marked tapering off the ends.

Make up the tail by placing right sides together and stitching. Turn right side out and stitch the tail into the body where marked.

With right sides of the body together stitch around to the point marked.

Stuff the nose with small amount of filling and fill the body with wheat and hand stitch the opening closed.

Sew on the beads for the eyes and nose.


  1. It’s so adorable!

  2. I am a long time sewer and crafter and can not make this pattern work. Any suggestions?

  3. my mom will freak when i show her this!

  4. great idea!

  5. too cute!!!lovely!!!i gonna make one soon!!!

  6. he he he…

  7. I just found this site wow love it I paid $5.00 for one of these rats so the cat could play with it I made one and instead of wheat, I stuffed it with catnip. My cat and I say thanks a lot.

  8. jhconstable says

    On the bottom of the pattern does the dashed line indicate that you should place is on a fold of the fabric? And what does the “2” mean? Thank you.

  9. Love It!!!!!! I’m makin’ it now!!!

  10. so cute:D

  11. no it doesn’t. read the instructions again.

  12. it says to cut 4 ears and a tail of fur, and it calls for pink felt

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