Football Superbowl Chain Decoration

Football Superbowl Chain Decoration

Make this simple paper chain to put the finishing touches on your Superbowl party.

What you need

Brown construction paper
Clear tape
Colored pencil (white)


Cut sheets of brown construction paper into strips lengthwise, so that each strip measures 1 3/4” x 111/2.”

Fold each strip in half.

Tape shut the open end of the folded strip for the first link only. You will tape the rest of the strips only after they have been linked together.

Then on both sides of each strip, draw the football markings: the traditional curved white stripe at each end, as well as the laces (eight, if you want it to look “official.”)

Once each link has been marked, begin to create the chain by linking each strip to the previous and taping the open end closed.

With a traditional paper chain, the strips are formed into circles, but with this chain the links remain flat. Upon hanging, they will “stretch” and take on the egg shape of a football.

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