Food Picks – Paper Roses

Food Picks – Paper Roses

These rose party picks are perfect for parties, mothers day tea's, high teas or weddings.

What you need

Bunches of paper roses
Hot glue gun with sticks
Terra cotta pots
Terra cotta paint
Paint brushes


Remove the roses from the wire stems. Unbundle the roses and hold the bloom in one hand and pull the wire with the other. Inside the bloom is a tiny piece of Styrofoam that holds the wire in place, you want to leave this for the rose to keep its shape.

Plug in the hot glue gun and allow to heat.
Insert the tip of the glue gun into the hole the wire came from and place a small dab of glue.
Insert a toothpick into the hole and secure in the Styrofoam. Set aside to dry.
Paint the pot with the white terra cotta paint as a primer and allow to dry. Then, paint the pots to match the décor of your event.
Arrange the flowers in the pot, you can add a small piece of floral foam or a ball of clay to the bottom of the pot to keep the picks in place.

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