Knitted Fluffy Owl

Knitted Fluffy Owl

This adorable knitting pattern shows you how to make a 6 inch fluffy owl using fashion yarn called Cassowary truffles but you could use any similar yarn.

What you need

Size 6 US(8 UK) (4 mm) Needles
50 grams of (cassowary truffles) brown
Small amount of white felt
Small amount of light brown felt
Two black buttons.
Toy Filling/wadding


Begin with the lower body 

Cast on 13 stitches

1) knit into the back of every stitch.

2) knit twice into every stitch (26 stitches)

3) knit.

4) knit.

5) (knit 2 knit twice into the next stitch) to the end (34 stitches)

6) knit .

7 ( knit 2knit twice into the next 2 stitches) to the end (50 stitches)

8) knit.

8) knit.

10) knit.

11) knit.

12) ( knit 2 knit 2 together twice ) to the end (34 stitches)

13) knit.

13) knit.

14) knit.

15) knit.

16) (knit 2 knit 2 together) to the end (26 stitches).

17) this begins the head section work 14 rows.

31) (knit 2 knit 2 together) to the end

32) knit.

33) (knit 2 together) to the end.

Thread yarn through the stitches, draw up and fasten off.

Stitch down the back leave a gap at the bottom for stuffing. Once you have filled him , stitch up the bottom. Gather around the neck to distinguish the head.

Wings ( make 2)

Cast on 2 stitches

1) knit twice into the first stitch knit 2

2) knit

3) knit twice into the first stitch knit 3

4) knit

5) knit twice into the first stitch knit 4

6) knit 8 rows.

14) knit 2 together knit 4

15) knit 2 together knit 3

16) knit 2 together knit 2

17) knit 2 together knit 1

18) knit 2 together – thread yarn through the remaining stitch and secure.

Stitch the wings in place.

Cut out your felt pieces

Cut 4 feet , 2 beaks, 4 ears ,and 1 face piece

Stitch your pieces of feet ,beak and ears together with a blanket stitch (use thread not wool) and fill your beak slightly with wadding. Blanket stitch your face in place then sew on your buttons, ears, beak and feet.


  1. ItsSewJudy says

    Adorable. But the pattern is so complicated . hehe funny, just kidding this is a super simple pattern and the results are tooooo cute!

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