Flower Hair Bands

Flower Hair Bands

This craft project is a very simple but a cost effective way to make some decorative hair bands for yourself or for your kids.

What you need

Silk or imitation flower
Elastic hair band
Craft glue


Start by choosing a suitable flower for your new hair band. Choose a flower that has some leaves on the stem as we will use the leaf to attach it to the hair band.

Remove the stem of you flower and turn the flower upside down. If the leaves are not fixed to the flower head then secure it with a small amount of craft glue.

Take one of the leaves and place a small amount of glue onto the tip of the leaf. Place the hair band over the leaf and bend the leaf back on itself to create a loop.

Then press the end of the leaf down to loop the leaf and the hair band together.

All done!

Flower Hair Bands Back

Flower Hair Bands Back


  1. this looks so cool!

  2. I love your amazing ideas and crafts. I will be making several of them for my craft sale. Thanks for the talent!

  3. I think its a great way to dress up your elastics and to the person who says u can buy them in stores, yes you can but making it yourself for u or someone u care about u can custome design it to your taste of flowers also the stoe bought ones are really cheap lookin and I never buy them,but will wear what I make . One more thing put it on a head band where you like it so many different ways to make it better than store bought. I love the idea and will use it on myself and clients as I am a cosmetologist.

  4. Creative with a Capital C

  5. How cute for a little girl. I see these in boutiques for $4-$8 per bow.

  6. you can just buy this at a store!

  7. Tis is cool (fartz)

  8. yes, i love the ideas, but having problem with understanding the instruction, it will be easier if there is picture.

  9. not creative

  10. all the crafts are good but we problem in understanding it and so you should pictures side by side the instructions.

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