Felt Santa Sleigh

Felt Santa Sleigh

This Christmas craft shows you how to make a Santa sleigh decoration using card and felt. The sleigh shape below can be adjusted to create any sized sleigh for table decorations to gift baskets.

What you need

Red Felt
Cord or edging (optional)
Craft Glue
Heavy Cardstock


Use the Santa Sleigh Felt Pattern to cut out your pieces.

Using felt – Cut 4 side pieces 2 underneath pieces.


Using card – Cut 2 side pieces 1 underneath piece.


Stitch the card pieces inside the felt pieces, using a blanket stitch. Then stitch the underneath section to the sides again with a blanket stitch.

Put your own artistic touch to it by decorating it with novelties , beads or fabric paint.

It makes a nice table decoration – to display nuts, serviette holder, or fill with chocolates, perfume, or soaps to give as a gift.



To make the serviette holder you can make the underneath section narrower, to keep them together.

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