Felt Picture Block

Felt Picture Block

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to make a decorative advent style wall picture for the holiday season.

What you need

12 x 16″ canvas or card board piece
Needle and thread


Download the Christmas Images Template first.

To start with you will need a 12 x 16″ piece of card or a canvas and a 12 x 16″ piece of felt to cover it.

Once you have covered the back board you will need to make your small block backgrounds for each image.

This project uses 15 of these block backgrounds that measure 4 x 3.5″ each. You can use a solid color for the background or try creating a layered look by adding a smaller (different color) block of the first block as shown on the HoHoHo block in the picture.

You can stitch the pieces layers together with a running stitch or simply glue them together.

For the images you can use the template above and enlarge it by 50% or you can create your own shapes freehand.

Once you have created each block glue or stitch them into place on the large backboard as shown in the picture.


  1. I love this craft.

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