Felt Heart For Mother’s Day

Felt Heart For Mother’s Day

This project shows you how to make a felt heart for Mother's Day or Valentine's day gift.

What you need

Pink flanel (you may use felt, too)
Brown flanel
Red flanel (just a little, for mouth)
Embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Thin Ribbon
Orange Yarn (for hair)
Imitation eyes
Cotton (for filling)
Multi-purpose adhesive


– Draw 2 heart patterns with the same size on the pink flannel. And cut it.

– Embroidery the “happy bla bla” sentence on the first heart cut flannel. In the picture, Selamat Hari Ibu in Indonesia means Happy Mother’s Day in English

– Cut round shape from the brown flannel. This round is for the girl’s face

– Cut the orange yarn in the same length. Then tie it in the middle, and stick it on the brown flannel.

– Stick the imitation eye, and the red flannel too

– Stick the girl face on another heart pink flannel

– Stitch the two hearts (the embroidered ones, and the girl face ones) together

– Once it reaches the half of the whole heart, stop stitching and fill the hearts with cottons sufficiently. Continue stitching, fulfill, until finish.

Happy trying, and, so sorry for the bad grammar 🙂


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