Felt Food: Bag Of Chips

Felt Food: Bag Of Chips

This tutorial shows you how to make felt food that looks like a bag of chips - perfect for classroom play.

What you need

Red felt
Blue felt
Yellow felt
5/8-inch-wide Velcro tape
White fabric paint
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun



Cut four 6-by-5-inch pieces of red felt, one 3-inch circle of blue felt and 14 2-by-1 1/2-inch ovals of yellow felt. You also need to cut two 4 1/2-inch long pieces of 5/8-inch-wide Velcro tape, one from each half of the tape — there is a loop (soft) half and a hook (rough) half.

Paint the word “CHIPS” on the blue circle with white fabric paint and set it aside to dry.

Put two of the red rectangles together. Attach one half of the Velcro tape centered along one of the short edges of the pair. This will sew the two rectangles together along that edge. Repeat with the other two red rectangles and the other half of the Velcro tape.

Put the two pairs of red rectangles together with the Velcro tape pieces facing out and both at the same edge. Sew the rectangles together with a 1/4-inch seam allowance along the three sides that don’t have Velcro.

Snip the bottom corners of the bag at a 45-degree angle without cutting through the seams. Turn the bag right side out through the open end.

Attach the blue circular label to the front of the bag with hot glue.


Sew two yellow ovals together lengthwise down the center. Sew a second seam parallel to the first an 1/8 inch to the right. Keep sewing seams parallel to the first every 1/8 inch. Repeat on the left side of the original seam. This mimics the texture of ruffled chips.

Make the rest of your chips with the remaining six pairs of yellow ovals.

Put your seven chips in the bag, and secure the Velcro along the top to close it.

All done!

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