Felt Baby Cube

Felt Baby Cube

This felt cube sewing project is so versatile, it can be used as a kids toy or a pin cushion.

What you need

Embroidery Thread
Colored felt for shapes
Toy Filling/Wadding


Step 1: Start by cutting out 6 squares 8 inch (20 cm) in size.

Felt Cube Step 1

Step 2: Using a blanket stitch join all the edges together to form a flat shaped cube leaving the top square off. This will allow you to sew on the shapes and to fill it with Toy Filling or Wadding .

Felt Cube Step 2

Step 3: We used hand shaped pieces that were sewn onto the side, but you can find adhesive felt shapes in your craft store which are much faster and add more detail.

Felt Cube Step 3

Step 4: Soft filling works best for toys, but if you intend to use it as a needle holder try using something a little firmer like toy foam or a foam cube.

Step 5: Sew the top on using the blanket stitch.

Felt Cube Step 4

Optional: Make smaller ones for cat toys or larger ones for kids toys. Drop a bell in for a rattle effect.


  1. this is sooo cute!

  2. i made one
    and added pockets and ribbon looks great

  3. This looks so cute. If you made a GIANT one, oyu could make a footstool!

  4. what’s the point though?

  5. I made these the size of coins , decorated it like dice and attached a keychain ring to it. Looks good!

  6. damn damn cute… my 2 year old neice loves it.. and its a joy to see her like that.. thanks

  7. coffeejunkie says

    cute idea. maybe for a kids cube you could cut out shapes, letters, or numbers. i like it! thanx for the easy to follow instructions to

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