Knitted Fashion Belt

Knitted Fashion Belt

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a fashion belt.

What you need

double worsted yarn (8 ply)
Size 10 (6 mm) Needles
Belt Buckle


Using double yarn (2 strands) Cast on 10 stitches and knit the *pattern until you have 3 inch.

*Knit one row

*K1, P1 to end of next row.

These 2 rows form the *pattern

When work measures 3 inch K1, increase into next st, K1 to the end (15sts)

Now continue in *pattern until work measures approx. 45 inches or desired belt length. Cast off.

Make up:

The first 3 inch is used to secure the buckle.

When buckle is in place thread through buckle and fold back on the inside of the belt. The smooth side is the wrong side, stitch in place.

The width of the beck can be changed to any desired thickness, But always use double yarn for strength.

You can use 2 different color strands for a contrasting look.


  1. love it! i have to make one for myself. the adult belts are slightly too big, but the kids belts were too small. this one i can adjust to fit myself.

  2. I havent tried making this belt, but it seems e asy and stupendous!

  3. When you need a non-thinking project that’s quick and easy, this is the one to use! I loved watching my favorite summer TV shows while knitting this easy pretty belt!

  4. this looks really neat. thanks

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