Fabric Wrapped Christmas Wreath

Fabric Wrapped Christmas Wreath

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to make a fabric wrapped Christmas wreath using basic crafting supplies.

What you need

Polystyrene wreath form 
Craft glue or hot glue
2-3 inch wide Fabric scraps
Christmas Craft Picks


This tutorial uses  a  Polystyrene wreath form to create a rustic fabric wrapped Christmas wreath. You can use plain fabric, scrap fabric or burlap to create this wrapped wreath look.

Start by taking your wreath base and securing one end of fabric to the form with craft glue. Then begin wrapping it tightly around the form. Adding each piece as you go and secure with craft glue. Once the wreath is wrapped add little craft picks such as Plastic Holly  or ribbons to finish off the design.

This tutorial also uses pine cones and poinsettia flowers.

This tutorial was shared by Randi S. Randi is a member of our Christmas Crafts Facebook group. Thanks for sharing your creation with us.



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