Creamy Chocolate Soap

Creamy Chocolate Soap

Make a Chocolate Cream soap using our simple recipe.

What you need

12 oz (340 g) of soap flakes or Melt and Pour Soap Base
8 oz (225 g) of cocoa butter
12 oz (340 g) of olive oil
4 oz (110 g) of cocoa
Brown mica color (optional)
Chocolate Mold (optional)


Use a chocolate mold to press this soap into chocolate shapes or even make a large batch and pour it into a small round cake mold.

Then slice from the rounded cake. This is a great idea for craft stalls.

This recipe is for Melt and pour Soap using

If you are not familiar with this process then read our step by step guide.

Melt the soap following the link above. Mix in remaining ingredients and pour into molds.


  1. It will make a lovely christmas gift for chocolohic friends

  2. How hard would this be for girl scouts to make? ages 10- 12

  3. muffin99cat says

    I love chocolate!Even though its soap it still so good I could eat it!:D-muffin99cat

  4. I used melt and pour for this, and as I suspected it didn’t work.The oil separated as it set.There was so much chocolate that it was almost edible!Perhaps it would work using CP grated soap?

  5. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Cocoa is available at the supermarket in the baking section.

  6. What is cocos (Is it chocolate powder)? Where would I get it?

  7. i think it works probably

  8. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Yes it is melt and pour base.

  9. what is soap flakes? Is it just shaved melt and pour base?

  10. Soap flakes is a general reference to cold processed soap flakes

  11. Has anyone made this? Is it good or not?

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