Envelope Glue Recipe

Envelope Glue Recipe

Make your own glue to use to stick on envelopes with. Very easy!

What you need

6 tbs White vinegar
(4) 0.1 oz. packets unflavored gelatin
1 tbs Vanilla extract


Start by bringing the vinegar to the boil in a pan.

Add the gelatin and stir until it is dissolved.

Add the vanilla extract and stir until well mixed.

Whilst still warm brush a thin layer onto the back of an envelope flap. Set it aside and allow it to dry.

To stick the envelope moisten and press it closed.

Store unused mix in a airtight container and to re-apply the glue to envelopes warm the mixture in a pan and re-apply it to the envelopes whilst it is still warm.


  1. love it

  2. Hi, can someone tell me what this means (4) 0.1 oz. packets , is this 4 packets of 0.1 oz gelatine? Hoping someone can help. Ta Kim

  3. this works pretty good…

  4. thanks for this. I’m always making my own and use a glue stick. when I give as a gift I’d like the receiver to be able to ‘lick’ and stick.

  5. this is just wat i needed
    thanks alot =]

  6. This works great on my handmade envelopes.

  7. I love making my own envelopes and have been wishing I could find a good glue recipe for them!

  8. It was really easy to understand and didn’t go on and on about useless info

  9. It was good because on this other website I could almost not understand what was writen becase it was in bad grammer.


  11. ythis is great! I’ve been looking for this

  12. it saves money ,and it’s a awsome activity!<:D

  13. I had no idea this could be made at home. Great use of the word “whilst” by the way. =)

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