Egg Bunny Décor!

Egg Bunny Décor!

Here's a fun and easy project for kids to try out this Easter! Turn an egg into a cute little bunny!

What you need

Materials Needed:

Craft glue
Craft paper
Printed paper (vintage or black and white print)
Stand for the egg.


Clean and dry the egg nicely. Gather all the materials- printed paper, tiny pom pom (for the tail), beads etc.

Cut the printed papers into small pieces. Glue the small papers on the egg nicely and cover the entire egg. Allow the glue to dry.

Cut out bunny ears from the printed paper as well. Glue the ears on the top side of the eggs and glue the yarn pom pom on the bottom side of the egg. I sprinkled some golden glitter on the egg before the glue was dry.

Make some tiny flowers from coloured craft papers or use plastic craft flowers and glue them around the top side of the egg and below the ears. You can also draw a simple bunny face on the egg.

Once the egg bunny is ready place it on a stand or can also glue it with the stand. Done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!