Easy Spring Floral Wreath

Easy Spring Floral Wreath

This springtime craft shows you how to make a spring themed floral wreath with basic craft supplies. It is simple and elegant.

What you need

plastic vine
Springtime flower heads 3-4
laser Cut words or title
Craft Glue
Wreath Form


This springtime wreath is made with basic of craft supplies, making it perfect for anyone who is new to crafting or wreath making.

This Easter or springtime wreath is created on a wreath base. You can buy bases from most craft supply stores or discount stores.

You will need a single length of plastic vine, a wooden cutout sign 3 heads of bright yellow, white or springtime flowers.

Start by wrapping your wreath with the vine. Once you are happy with the layout glue your flowers in place. Remember larger flowers should be added first with smaller ones overlapping towards the front.


This photo was contributed by Kendra K, thanks for sharing your DIY Wreath project Kendra, We love it!

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