Easy Fabric Cuff

Easy Fabric Cuff

This cuff can be customized to suite the style of anyone in your life. Add beads to funk it up, embroider your pals initials, or add crazy zigzag top stitching to give style.

What you need

Fabric, in two contrasting fabrics if desired
Hammer in snaps
Optional: beads and embroidery floss


Cut two rectangles, measuring 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches (these measurements can be adjusted to fit a smaller or larger wrist)

Easy Fabric Cuff Cut Fabric

With right sides together, starting about a third of the way down the long side of the rectangle, stitch the two pieces together leaving a 1 inch gap (or slightly larger) to turn the cuff to the right side. Before turning trim around the stitched area, do not trim the excess fabric on the space left to turn and 1/4 on either side of this space.

Easy Fabric Cuff Step 2

Turn to the right side, use the eraser end of a pencil to push the corners out neatly, tuck in the excess fabric at the turning gap and press flat. Top stitch around the entire rectangle close to the edge.

Easy Fabric Cuff Step 3

At this point you can personalize to your taste. You can add the zigzag topstitching, the embroidery, and beads.

Once you have completed the cuff’s snazzy details you can add your snaps following your snap applicators instructions.

Embroidery tips: insert the needle threaded with floss through the side seam so the tail can stay between the layers of the cuff. Knot one end and force it through the side seam so the floss stays put.

Gap and Quarter Stitch




To finish insert needle through one layer of fabric and pull out through the side seam and trim floss close to the edge. Be sure to add beads to the floss on the same side each time if you only want one side beaded.

Stitch Together


Leave a gap


Contributed by Nettie/

Nettie was born, raised and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her hubby and kids. She inherited the crafty gene from her maternal grandmother and hopes to pass it on to her four little ones. She yaps about writing, kids and crafting on her blog


  1. Made my grand daughter who is twelve a similiar bracelet and she loves it. Mine slips on and off and took fabric from a yoke blouse that also had chaines woven through it. Turned out very nice and I learned something in the process…how much fun recycling can be and rewarding. Thanks again…have a great day. Nana Lisa

  2. It seems easy enough so I may try it pretty soon! Thanks! P.S. I love the pattern choices!

  3. absolutely love it!!!

  4. cute and easy to make! thanks!

  5. sweetnothinangel says

    Super cute! Will try this soon! *bookmarked*

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