Easy DIY Easter Wreath

Easy DIY Easter Wreath

This Easter Wreath tutorial shows you how to make a DIY Easter wreath using products from the Dollar Tree

What you need

See full listing below


This amazing Easter wreath tutorial was contributed by Priscilla K . A Thanks for sharing your tutorial Priscilla we love it!

Your Dollar Tree Shopping list:
1- 14 inch wire wreath
1- bunny sign
1-roll of burlap
1-roll of wired burlap
12- packs(4 to a pack) of carrots
Any decorative ribbon you’d like
Glue gun and glue sticks
Pipe cleaner
(See my photos for pictures of the supplies and two different types of burlap ribbon)

Wrap wired wreath with a roll of burlap. Just barely overlapping each time around. One roll covers the wire perfectly.

Take your wired burlap and cut into pieces for your little tabs type things. I didn’t do any exact measurement, I just eyeballed how far I wanted it off of the edge of the wreath. Remember you will be covering this part with the carrots, so measure from about 1/2 into the wreath form, going outwards.

Once you have them cut, cut out your little triangles on one end. Then begin gluing them to your wreath form. You will be gluing them on the flat side of your wreath. This is the front of your wreath and where the carrots sit best.

Now begin to glue your carrots on. Just pick a starting spot and glue them all until your circle is full.

Once this is complete you can decide where you want to place your bunny and any ribbon or bows you want to use. I glued my bunny with the same glue and glue gun.

Last take your pipe cleaner and add it to the back for a hanger





  1. This is easy and nice!

  2. Kathie Diette says

    Our dollar tree doesn’t have any of these items. I have 2 Dollar Tree’s by me. Why ?

    • Hi Kathie, my Dollar Tree’s don’t have the carrots or wired burlap. I found some carrots on Amazon, the brand is Amosfun Store. Amosfun 20Pcs Easter Carrots Foam Glitter Simulation Carrots Artificial Vegetables Home Kitchen Cabinet Decoration, $12.62.

    • You can order them on line from dollar tree, only problem is you have to get a whole case

  3. Thelma Barton says

    This is so cute

  4. I just love this idea, I will be making this one for my door. Thank you!

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