Easter Basket

Easter Basket

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What you need

Plastic bottle
Metal paper tags
Tissue paper


This free Easter craft project shows you how to make an Easter Basket.

For the base cut the bottom 2 inches off the plastic bottle and paint to decorate.

For the handle cut a further half inch strip from the bottle, open up and fasten to the top of the basket base using the metal tags.

Line with tissue paper and use to gather mini eggs in an Easter egg hunt.

What you need

Polymer clay
2 1/2 bars of chocolate #053
2 1/2bars of tan #301
Extra or bright colored clay
1/2 bar of lime #521
1/2 bar yellow #072.


This free Easter craft project shows you how to make a basket of little bunnies.

Make your basket. Its 2 inches high and 8 1/2 inches around.

Take your yellow&lime and make two little Easter eggs. Decorate as wanted. Take some bright color clay and mix it to get a swirly affect, then make them into little Easter eggs. Cut in half and make it hollow inside enough room to fit the baby Bunny’s in.

To make your bunny’s just make the body part. Leave out the legs. Fit the bunny’s inside the eggs. For the bottles, just take sum extra clay and mix two colors till you get a swirly affect. Make them big enough to fit in bunny’s hands.


  1. I liked it.I had a beautiful Easter basket.Thank you.

  2. The plastic can be woven with odd threads and beads too or covered in fabric or adhesive backed plastic, ribbon or anything that can be adhered.

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