Paper Cup Christmas Penguin

Paper Cup Christmas Penguin

This kids Christmas craft shows you how to turn a paper cup into an adorable penguin. Perfect for small gifts or table markers.

What you need

Black paper cup
Black construction paper
White craft foam
Orange craft foam
Stick-on foam craft letters
2 Cotton swabs
White Glue
Rubber band
1 foot of red ribbon, 1″ wide
Black marker
2 clothes pins


Use an inverted black paper cup for the penguin’s body. 

Cut an egg-shaped face from white craft foam. Cut a triangular beak from orange craft foam. Affix the beak and the sequin eyes to the face with glue.

Glue the face to the inverted cup and secure with a rubber band until glue dries.

Draw two banana-shaped wings on black construction paper. Cut them out and glue them to each side of the penguin’s body.

Cut two webbed feet from the orange craft foam. Apply glue to the rim of the cup where it will meet the orange foam feet. Place something with a little weight (like the bottle of glue) on top of the cup while the glue dries.

Cut the cotton ends off of the cotton swabs. These sticks become the handles for the banner. Tie one end of the red ribbon to each stick. Cut a “v” shape from each end of the ribbon for a finished look.

Apply the Merry Christmas message to the ribbon using stick-on foam letters.

Glue the tips of the penguin’s wings, place the banner handles, and fold the tips of the wings over so that the penguin holds them. Use a clothespin to keep in place while the glue dries.

Cut nine strands of yarn about a foot long. Knot the strands together at one end, leaving a little fringe for the end of the scarf. Divide the yarn into three sections and braid. Knot the other end and trim the fringe to match the other end. Then wrap the scarf around the penguin.

Now he’s ready to greet your holiday guests with a message of Christmas cheer!


  1. I like this craft! This looks really, really fun! I am going to do it as it gets closer to Christmas time. Very cute and fun!!!!

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