Dollar Tree Halloween Sunflower / Skull Centrepiece

Dollar Tree Halloween Sunflower / Skull  Centrepiece

This Halloween centrepiece is created using items from a discount store or Dollar Tree.

What you need

Plastic Pumpkin
Skull heads
Craft Glue
Candle Holder or cake stand



This tutorial for Halloween uses Items from the Dollar Tree . You can use similar items from any discount store to achieve this same Halloween centrepiece. These centrepieces are perfect for Halloween party decorations or pop them on your Front porch like pot plant on the steps. Such a fun Halloween project.

First thing you need to do is spray your pumpkin black and your candle holder orange.

Take your sunflowers and attach the skulls into the centre of each sunflower.

Then place the sunflowers into the pumpkin securing everything with glue.


These photos were shared by Jessica .M Thanks for sharing Jessica we love your creativity.


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