Dollar Tree Halloween Skull Plant Stand

Dollar Tree Halloween Skull Plant Stand

Use basic Dollar tree supplies to create a Halloween Skull Plant stand.

What you need

Halloween skulls

E6000 glue

Black Krylon spray paint

2 round baking trays



This fun Halloween plant stand was contributed by Kiana Vallette, thanks for sharing your project with us.

This project uses items from Dollar Tree but you can use similar Halloween items from any discount store.

Start by gluing all the pieces together, the 3 skulls should be layered and secured with the E6000 glue.

Stack the skulls onto the base dish and then finish off with a dish on the top. You could also use a flat plate for the top if you wanted a flay surface. As this plant stand is only plastic, make sure to not add too much weight.

Once you have glued it all together using spray paint to finish it off.  This plant stand would also look great in a deep purple or orange too.  For a more freaky look for Halloween, add drips of red paint for blood.




  1. Jeannie Green says

    Very cool. Was thinking, to make it a bit more stable, thread them onto a dowel, or use a tall thrifted paper towel stand thingy. Like very much!

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