Dollar Tree Farmhouse Milk Crate

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Milk Crate

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a farmhouse milk crate decoration using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need


Dollar Tree supplies

8 x Paint Sticks

2 x Chopping Boards

2 Picture frames

1 x broom Handle or dowel

White Chalk paint

Black of brown paint for aging

Black Paint  or milk SVG file 



Start by removing the glass from your picture frames. Line up your pieces and measure your wooden paint sticks and make any cuts that are required. Cut and measure the broom handle also.

I highly recommend using a strong glue like E6000 to secure everything together. Make sure you allow it to dry before painting.

Glue all the pieces into place and apply a base coat, for this one it has been coated in white paint and layered with grey using a sponge.

You can also have a base of grey and add white and grey paint for a faux galvanized look like this.

Apply a Milk decal or freehand paint it with black paint.

Finish off by adding some rope to enhance the rustic farmhouse look. You can also add raffia or checkered ribbons.

These project photos were contributed by Jackie Chase, thanks for sharing Jackie we love your milk crate!

We also found this youtube video for a similar design



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