DIY Cinnamon Hearts

DIY Cinnamon Hearts

These cinnamon heart shapes are a great holiday craft project. They can be used as a Valentine's day or as a Christmas craft project.

What you need

3/4 cup of applesauce
1 cup of cinnamon
1 tbs white glue


Using large bowl, place applesauce and glue into the bowl, mix in the cinnamon till a soft ball forms.

Cut out your heart shapes with cookie cutters and dry in an oven of 140 degrees until completely dry.

Turning over once.

If you intend on hanging your heart shape, then you will need to put a hole in it before baking, You can also thread a small piece of wire through before baking as this will not burn.

You can present these in a basket or tie to them to a gift as a tag.


  1. I made these for Christmas ornaments 26 yrs ago. I have kept them in an airtight glass jar and they still retain their smell.

  2. I made these 26 years ago in the shapes of stars, santas and other Christmas ornaments and after all these years they still retain their smell…they have been kept in an airtight glass jar.

  3. these can be used as ornaments if a hole is made at the top, then simply tie a string or ribbon when done. great gift from child to loved ones

  4. Will try this with Granddaughters. Just what I am looking for as this seems the simplest of tasks. Just what I am looking for with 4 youngsters running around

  5. Confetti says

    Cute, but what will the recipient do with them?

  6. Ive made these before,but how many does this recipe make?

  7. says

    Thanks for jogging my memory! You could adapt this by using different scents and colors too.
    Thanks! Good job.


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