Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Red Truck Wall Art

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Red Truck Wall Art

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to take Dollar Tree supplies and turn them into a wonderful DIY Red Farmhouse Christmas truck decoration.

What you need

Glue gun

Glue sticks

Screwdriver (flat head)


DT metal truck candle holder

Early American Stain

Paint brush

Dollar Tree Stretch 8 x 10 canvas


The Christmas red truck or farmhouse truck is again very popular when creating your own Dollar Tree decorations, it is amazing how much this little truck can be utilized in different styles of Christmas crafts.


Start by removing the canvas from the wooden frame using a screwdriver to get around the staples.

Once the canvas is removed, flip the wooden frame over and stain the pretty side. Let dry overnight

Next, trace the canvas using the frame and cut out (I trimmed the canvas a little shorter than the frame so it wouldn’t stick out in the back)

Next, flip the canvas over to use the off white side and hot glue to the backside of the frame

Next bend off the candle holder from the truck candle holder. (I used the screwdriver to help a little)

Then hot glue the truck to the canvas and let dry

What do you think of this project? Let us know!