Dollar Tree- Fall Harvest Corn

Dollar Tree- Fall Harvest Corn

This bubble wrap harvest corn craft is easy to construct and can be finished in about 30 minutes with basic craft supplies and cooperation from the kids. This corn decoration is suitable for use as a Fall, Thanksgiving, or harvest decoration.

What you need

Bubble Wrap

Recycled Brown Paper Bag

Acrylic Craft Paints – Yellow, Gold, Orange, Brown, Burgundy, Maroon

Yellow Colored Paper – Dollar Store

Natural Jute Twine – Dollar Store

Adhesive Runner or glue



Pencil or Marker





Gather all of your craft supplies. Print the BUBBLE WRAP HARVEST CORN PATTERN onto plain paper after downloading it or draw it freehand.


Place the pattern sheet between two layers of bubble wrap. Use a bright yellow acrylic craft paint to basecoat the bubble wrap. Add the remaining acrylic craft paint colours in random areas all over the bubble wrap. Place aside to dry.

Cut out the corn form from the pattern page and trace it three times onto yellow cardstock. Using scissors, cut out the three corn shapes. When the painted bubble wrap is dry, flip it over and trace the corn design three times before cutting it out with scissors.

Using an adhesive runner, adhere the three painted bubble wrap corn forms to the three yellow cardboard corn shapes. Layer the three harvest corn pieces together and attach at the top with staples using an office stapler. You may use liquid craft glue for this stage, but it will need to dry. The plastic bubble wrap will not adhere to a glue stick.

With scissors, cut the bottom and any handles off the brown paper bag. Tear the brown paper bag pieces into 3-inch-wide strips. Rip a few longer and shorter parts to create the corn husks. To ensure you have enough, dry fit them on your work surface.


Attach the long sections of brown paper bag corn husks to the back of the harvest corn using an adhesive runner. Accent the front of the harvest corn with the short sections of brown paper bag corn husks.


Measure and cut three lengths of natural jute twine 24” long. Tie around the brown paper bag corn husks and finish with a bow. Trim ends of bow with scissors, if necessary.


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