Dollar Tree – Don’t Forget Your Mask Wall Art

Dollar Tree –  Don’t Forget Your Mask Wall Art

This craft project shows you how to take Dollar tree items to make a fun and practical, Don't forget your face mask sign for your home.

What you need

Waverly White Chalk Paint

Dollar Tree Long Rectangular snowman sign (or other sign of that shape)

Paint Brush 

Black Sharpie

Dollar Tree Black Poster letters


 Command Type hooks

Small Piece of Rope, I used the Dollar Tree White Cotton Nautical Rope



Start by removing the Let is Snow piece off of the sign and the red ribbon if you are using a craft blank, you can skip ahead to painting.


Paint the backside of the sign with 2 coats of Waverly White Chalk Paint allowing time to dry in between coats

Once completed dry, measure how far apart you would like your lines with the sharpie and then connect those dots by drawing lines across the sign 

Next using the Dollar Tree Poster Letter Stickers, Add “Don’t Forget” 

Peel off the backings to the silver hooks and apply spaced how you would like, I divided my board into fourths for more even placement

Using hot glue gun add rope to the backside to create a hanger piece



What do you think of this project? Let us know!