Dollar Tree – Chic Pearl Table Vase

Dollar Tree – Chic Pearl Table Vase

This craft tutorial shows you how to make your own pearl chic style bench vase using items from Dollar Tree. Perfect for table decorations for weddings and parties. .

What you need


2 Black Candle Stands (Dollar Tree )

E6000 glue

Hot Glue Gun

Dollar Tree Jute Twine or whatever you have on hand


60 Count Pearl Beads (Dollar Tree)

2 small vases (Dollar Tree)



Start by adding some E6000 glue and some hot glue to the bottom of the vases and then place them on top of the black candle stands

Next using the top cardboard part of the Pearl Beads pouch or a piece of cardbaord, fold the cardboard in half and wrap the twine around 15 times, or until desired thickness, and cut the twine at the end. To form the tassels

Next cut about a 3-4 inch section of the twine as this will be tied around the bunch of twine to make the tassel. Next take the twine that is still attached to the main twine ball and feed it through the twine bunch, tying it at the top, then taking the piece of twine that you cut and tying it about an inch from the top, next cut the twine bunch at the bottom so the ends are not connected anymore, this will be your first tassel. Repeat the same process to make the tassel but do not feed it onto the main twin section just yet. 

Each pearl garland strand is 27 beads long. String the beads onto the twine. Next add the last tassel section

Once the pearl strand is complete, tie it around the vase and have it rest on the top of the candle stand, leaving two beads of each end so that you can twist it together, by twisting it together it will make it stay but also removeable

What do you think of this project? Let us know!