DIY Wood Coasters for Cordials

DIY Wood Coasters for Cordials

Cute things almost always come in small packages, and it’s amazing how instantly adorable something becomes as soon as it’s miniaturized. If you want a cute cake, make it a cupcake, and if you want to increase the cute factor, make it a mini cupcake!

The same thing goes for cocktails which is why I’m currently addicted to cordial glasses, but cordials look slightly goofy on normal sized coasters. Of course, that meant making some of my own miniature coasters which was super easy.

What you need

Chop saw
Thick branch

Felt fabric/buttons


I currently have a nice stockpile of branches and logs, so I looked for a branch that was the diameter I needed for the glasses.  Then it was only a matter of hauling it to the chop saw (it’s small and consequently cute) and running it through.  Once I had my branch slices, I selectively removed most of the bark but left some on for the sake of rustic charm.  That was it!


I could have taken it a step further by staining the wood, but I want the wood to be somewhat absorbent.  Also, mine came out pretty smooth, but had they been on the rough side, I would have added some felt fabric or buttons to the bottom.


All-in-all, I increased the level of household cuteness in about 30 minutes and did it for free which is my favorite kind of cute.

And they’re definitely going to come in handy with my new blog project where I try to make 365 cocktails for the next year.


Someone get me a sippy cup!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!