DIY Water Bead Stress Balls

DIY Water Bead Stress Balls

This tutorial shows you how to make your own stress ball made with water beads. A fun tactile sensory craft project for all ages.

What you need

Water beads, plumped with water

White or clear balloons

Disposable water bottle 




Place about 1 cup of the water beads into a disposable water bottle. 

Stretch out a balloon by filling it with air and then release the air from the balloon.

Drag the open end of the balloon over the opening of the water bottle. Invert the bottle so the water beads go into the balloon. Squeeze the bottle to force the remaining water beads into the balloon.


Release the balloon from the water bottle.

Squeeze excess air from the balloon and tie closed.


  1. Jennifer Abrahamsen says

    Glad to have found this! I plan to do this little craft with middle school students at camp this year and I wasn’t sure how much of the beads to stick in the balloon!

  2. Hi, I think this craft isnt very good for the environment – water beads and balloons are a bad combination for our waterways and wildlife. Beads can also be dangerous for small children. I would be grateful if you could retract this craft in light of the environmental consequences it poses. I hope you understand my point. Thankyou

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