DIY Tulle Mobile Charm

DIY Tulle Mobile Charm

Have tons of scrap fabric but don't know what to do with them? Here's a fun and crafty idea to reuse those fabrics. Though I used net and tissue fabric you can use any kind of fabric to create this mobile charm.

What you need

• Net fabric
• Cardboard
• X-acto and scissors
• Hotglue gun
• Felt
• Beads


Step-1: Cut long strips of net fabric, it’s better if all the strips are cut into same length. Grab 3 or 4 fabric strips together evenly and wrap them around your fingers (3 or 4 fingers). Once you’re done wrapping the strips take another small piece of fabric and draw it through the wrapped strips and your fingers, tie a knot with that small fabric piece to secure the wrapping.

Step-2: Take out the wrapped fabric strips from your fingers and it’ll create a loop. Use scissors to cut the loop and create a pompom pattern.

Step-3: Similarly make more tulle pompoms. You can also use other techniques of making pompom if you want to.

Step-4: I used Styrofoam to make the base of the mobile charm. Cut out 2 round patterns from a Styrofoam, one small and one large. Glue the small piece on the centre of the large piece of round Styrofoam.

Step-5: Use hot glue to attach the tulle pompoms around the large piece first. Once you’ve covered the sides of the large piece with pompoms start to glue the small piece. Try to cover the entire base with the tulle pompoms.


Step-6: Cut out a round pattern from felt and cover the other side of the base. We’ll be attaching beaded charms on this side.


Step-6: Bead some clear plastic threads with any kind of beads, I used crystal beads. I threaded the beads and then applied hot glue to keep the beads in a floating position. Attach the beaded threads with the base (felt side). Attach a hanging mechanism to complete the mobile charm.

Use different coloured net fabric and beads for variation.

Have fun crafting one!


  1. I like it! It reminds me of rain clouds & rain drops! Thank you for the inspiration!!

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