DIY Spring Carrots Easter Door Wreath

DIY Spring Carrots Easter Door Wreath

This Easter craft shows you how to take some party supplies and items from the Dollar Tree to create this fun spring door wreath. 

What you need

Cardboard Party Bugles
Orange Ribbon
Craft Glue
Burlap ribbon
Easter Sign Cutout
Green Sprigs


Take your cardboard party bugle horns and cover them with the orange ribbon. You could use an orange burlap too but you would need to paint your bugles a plain base color so that the print didn’t show through.

Once you have wrapped and secured your orange ribbon. Place the green sprigs inside. You could use green pipe cleaners as an alternative or fresh cut parsley sprigs, just wrap them in wet paper towel and foil at the base for them to last 5-10 hours. Perfect idea for a party entrance.  Finish off by gluing your sign in place, if you can’t find one at the Dollar tree create your own with cardstock.

This craft project was contributed by Mindy D. Thanks for sharing Mindy we loved it !


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