DIY Ramadan Wreath

DIY Ramadan Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a Ramadan Wreath to celebrate this Muslim festival.

What you need



Gold Wreath with moon shape from Michales or Gold wreath Ring Card stock moon for backing

2 dark purple Roses

1 Cream colored rose

2 Purple Ranunculus Flowers

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Metallic Gold Paint (Walmart or any craft store)

Wood Star Shape 

Wire Cutters (optional)




Ramadan also spelled Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan or Ramathan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting. During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset. It is meant to be a time of spiritual discipline.

The wreath is decorated with dark purple roses and cream-colored roses to symbolize spiritual discipline and purification during Ramadan. The addition of purple ranunculus flowers adds a pop of color and beauty to the wreath. The wooden star shape represents the light and guidance of Islam during the month of Ramadan.

This DIY Ramadan Wreath is a beautiful and unique way to decorate your home during the month of Ramadan and can be used year after year. Hang it on your front door or in a prominent location in your home to serve as a reminder of spiritual discipline and purification during this special time. Not only is this wreath visually pleasing but it also serves as a reminder of the deeper meaning behind the Ramadan celebrations.

This tutorial uses a moon wreath, but you can use a ring and add moon-shaped cardboard to the back to secure the flower too, as this part will not be visible it is purely to support the roses.  If you don’t have a metal hoop use a wire coat hanger to form the shape you need.

Looking for something extra special? check out these laser cut Ramadan signs on Etsy to add to your wreath.

Start by painting the wood star shape with 2 coats of metallic gold paint allowing for enough time to dry in between coats.


Next, remove all the flowers from the stems (mine just popped off and I didn’t require wire cutters)

Using some hot glue, add some around the base of the flower as this is the only section that will be touching the wire section of the wreath.

I just randomly added the flowers, but spread out the cream color throughout the wreath.

Once the star is completely dry, I added hot glue to the wire section and then added the star on top and pressed firmly to make sure the star was secure



  1. Candy Ali says

    Thank you for posting a craft celebrating a Islamic holiday.

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