DIY Pumpkin Blocks

DIY Pumpkin Blocks

This Halloween tutorial shows you how to make Pumpkin blocks from upcycled wood

What you need

4×2 wood lengths
1/4 inch branches
Craft Glue
green leatherette strapping


This Halloween tutorial shows you how to make Pumpkin blocks, these pumpkin blocks use upcycled or recycled wood and are perfect for your front door or porch. If you have a rustic mantle they look great on the mantle too.

You can use different types of wood based on what you have, 4×4’s give a nice chunky Pumpkin.  These wooden primitive pumpkins look great when grouped together in different heights and sizes.

Using a drill drill a hole in the top for the stick. If you want to skip this part you can, use a strong glue to secure the twig and then use the Green Strapping to hide the join,

First thing you need to do is sand your pumpkin block down so it is smooth to touch, it doesn’t have to be perfect just enough to take off any sharp edges.

Paint your block with orange paint and allow to dry, You may want to leave some wood showing through or completely cover your pumpkin.

Create the leaves by platting/braiding the leather strapping and attaching to the top of the pumpkin block. You could also add felt leaves if you wanted.

You can add quotes with marker pens or leave them natural and plain.

Use a dry brush paint method to add a little brown if you are wanting an aged rustic look.


These pumpkin were created by Valerie. C who is a member of our Christmas Crafts Facebook group. Thanks for sharing Valerie, We love it!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!