DIY Polished Crystal Ring

DIY Polished Crystal Ring

This tutorial shows you how to take your favorite polished crystal stone and turn it into a unique handmade piece of crystal jewelry.

What you need

adjustable flat ring base 

Polished crystal stone around 10mm

E6000 glue


This crystal ring is so easy to make that they are perfect for gift-giving, you can make these crystal rings for all your friends in no time at all. These crystal rings are great for a sleepover activity at a teenager’s party too.

You can buy the crystal gemstone polished stone in bulk to reduce your costs.

All you need to do is find a gemstone that fits your ring base and glue it into position.

Some crystal meanings are these, choose a  crystal gemstone that reflects your healing needs.

Rose Quartz – For love and heart health

Sodalite –For inner peace, wisdom and calming a quick temper

Amethyst – For spiritual awakening, promotes healthy sleep and raises the personal vibration

Clear Quartz—For clarity, healing of all kinds, promotes positive energy



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