DIY Plant Pot Lighthouse

DIY Plant Pot Lighthouse

Create a Lighthouse using plant pots (clay pots) in different sizes. Create a small one for inside or a large one for a dramatic yard art. So easy to DIY!

What you need

4 plant clay pots in varying sizes.
1 solar light
clear white glue or PVA glue.


This plant pot lighthouse is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. We created a small one so it could be used as a door stop inside a bedroom. We added a solar light to finish it off. You can make these with big pots for a huge yard art piece.

Step 1: Start by sealing your pots with a white glue or pot sealer.

Step 2: Once dried paint your pots in your choice of colors.

Step 3: Allow to dry before gluing them into place with silastic or white glue.

Step 4: Use black paint to add the fine detail.

Step 5: The solar light we chose had a removable stake which made adding it to the pots very easy. You could also use a small lantern or upturned jar for a faux light effect.

All done! What do you think?


  1. Trudy Thomas says

    I like to make one of these to use outside. What kind of paint did you use on the clay pots . These are so cute

  2. What type of white glue do you use to seal the pots and is it the same glue you use to glue the pots together? Sorry I am so confused!

    • Hello,

      The white glue is a PVA or clear drying wood glue. The same glue was used to glue the pots together but you could use a sealastic or other hardware style glue. You could also seal the pots with a varnish instead of the white wood glue.

  3. making one for a bachelor friend. He will LOVE it !

  4. Nancy Downing says

    I made it. It was easy and fun. Love it.

  5. Timothy DeLorenze says

    Making this project as we speak for my mom for mother’s day. It’s easy to do and fun.

  6. Where do you find the lighthouse for the top?

  7. tina greenhoe says

    I am making a yellow one now .I think they look great.

  8. going to make one for my fish pond, hopefully it will help my little toy boat from hitting into the rocky shore….lol

  9. I think its a great accent to my garden around my pond, Got all the stuff today and gonna try making it tomorrow

  10. where do you purchase solar lighthouse???? Thank You

  11. I’m going to make one I lovelighthouses

  12. I make one painted flowers all over pots turned up side down seen about where glue go starting with biggest pot then next to layed one big flat saucers on top made bird bath & water thing for them,,,Clay pots have gotten expensive…Thank’s

  13. Agnes Grantham says

    I love and will attempt to create one…just love lighthouses Agnes Grantham 3/23/14

  14. Dorothy Lehman says

    Looks easy, my kind of a project, and I love lighthouses like this.

  15. love it looks simple and thats me lol

  16. A fun and fairly quick project and looks great in the yard

  17. This its adorable… I would change the wording on the picture to match the description though from POT PLANT to PLANT POT. LOL

  18. sheila sites says

    Am gonna try & make this lighthouse

  19. I will have one in my yard before long. After it warms up.

  20. sheila sites says

    Love the idea,since i can now plant flowers it will look great in the flower bed!

  21. What an awesome project! Thanks for sharing! so fun 🙂

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