DIY Pearl Charm Necklace

DIY Pearl Charm Necklace

I have been trying to post a tutorial on a pearl charm necklace for a while now. What inspired me the most was this tutorial on beautiful DIY Numbered Bracelet ( I wrote a while ago; you can check that out too. Since I got all the supplies needed, I decided to give the tutorial a shot. Pearls look beautiful as it is, and their beauty just magnifies when they become part of your accessory! So enjoy making a beautiful pearl charm necklace today.

What you need

• Chunky pearls
• Large chain
• Closure
• Jump rings
• Eye pins
• Flat nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Cutter pliers



1. Separate one of the links from the chain with the help of pliers. Repeat this several times; until you have 7 or 8 links separated from the chain.


2. Take one of the chunky pearls and thread it with the help of an eye pin then make a loop on the other side with the help of pliers.

3. Now gauge the size of the loop on one side of the pearl with the help of the pliers. Make a similar sized loop by twisting the round nose pliers.

4. Connect the wired bead to a jump ring.


5. Now repeat step 2.

6. Then repeat step 3.

7. And then repeat step 4.

8. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until you have a necklace in the desired length.

9. When you achieve the desired length of the necklace, attach a chain link at each end of the necklace with the help of pliers.

10. Add jump rings to the chain link and then loop in closure.

11. You can also use a ribbon instead of a closure to give your necklace a more contemporary and feminine look.

12. Also, you can add a numbered charm at the end of the bracelet to add as a cute design element.

Making handmade jewelry is fun and exciting. You can adjust the size of the necklace according to your own. Also, you can use variations such as ribbons, wire, chain links instead of closure hooks to give your necklace a more feminine and modern look. DIY jewelry projects are super quick and easy.

Add luck to your jewelry piece by adding your path of life number in your pearl necklace. I hope you like this project and enjoy making this gorgeous pearl charm necklace. For more details feel free to visit Path of Life Numerology Jewelry Website.


  1. I’ve been making jewelry (and teaching) for years… and can’t make any sense of these directions to end up with the pictured necklace. ‘With the help of an eye pin’ ?? Are you threading the bead onto the eye pin? I understand ‘with the help of a pliers’… because it’s a tool. Before posting a tutorial, you should watch someone try to make the item from the tutorial and see if it makes sense to them.

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