DIY Paint Pour Pumpkins

DIY Paint Pour Pumpkins

This Halloween or Fall tutorial shows you how to decorate your NO carve pumpkins using Paint Pouring techniques.

What you need

Pouring Medium
Acrylic paints in your color choices
plastic sheeting


For this tutorial you will need a basic understanding of how paint pouring works. It isn’t simply pouring paint onto an item. A pouring medium such is used to help the paint glide and prevent it from mixing into each other. There are many different brands on the market and you can check some out here on amazon.

To create your paint pour Pumpkin you are simply going to apply basic paint pouring techniques to your pumpkin.

Pour painting gets quite really messy and the paint will take a few days to dry due to it’s thickness, so make sure you have setup a suitable workspace with drop cloths and something to catch the paint.

There is lots of leftover paint once it drips off the pumpkin so have some card stock ready to dip and you will have some nice handmade card backgrounds.

This project was shared by Paula D. Paula is a member of our Christmas Crafts facebook group. Thanks for sharing Paula we love your idea.

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