DIY Gumball Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Gumball Christmas Tree Ornaments

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to make a gumball tree ornament using basic crafting supplies and a plant pot.

What you need

Plant pot
Clear bauble
Pom Poms or sprinkles
Soda can tab
Craft glue


This adorable Christmas craft was contributed by Loreen M. She is a member of our Christmas crafts group on facebook.  Thanks for sharing your version of this adorable little Christmas craft Loreen.

To begin with, you will need a clear plastic bauble  that can be filled. This one is filled with a rainbow of gumballs, but I have seen them with sprinkles and actual mini gumballs too.

Fill your bauble and gue the top on securerly, this will be used for hanging the whole ornament so it will be bearing a lot of added weight so use a strong glue.

Paint the pot (1/1/2 inch base ) red and add a black circle to give the illusion of the opening to the machine, this black section will sit behind the soda can tab to give the depth.

Once the pot has dried glue the tab in place and glue it to the bauble.

You could also use a red cup shot glass for the base if you want to create an ornament that is non-breakable.

They are so easy to make and adorable, would make cute gifts filled with real candy for school gifts too.




What do you think of this project? Let us know!