DIY Fall Subway Art

DIY Fall Subway Art

This cool subway art frame looks great hanging on a wall, leaning on a mantle or shelf or even hung in a sunny window. It can be personalized for any holiday, occasion or everyday.

What you need

-Silhouette or Other Electronic Die Cutting Machine
-Words and Leaf Dies
-Picture Frame with Glass
-Paint, Sand Paper and Brush (if needed)
-Vinyl (Green, Red, Brown)
-Vinyl Transfer Tape
-Coordinating Pattern Papers
-Brown Marker
-Brown Stamping Ink Pad
-Glue Dots


-This project is perfect for repurposing an old picture frame. If your picture frame is not the color you want begin by removing the glass and then sanding it and painting it with acrylic or spray paint and let it dry.

Note: This project used the Silhouette Portrait electronic die cutting machine with one of their predesigned subway art style die cuts but you can use any electronic machine that has a “welding” tool with any words you want, place them close together on the screen and “weld” them together. See your machines directions for designing and welding images.

– Using the Silhouette software on you computer screen adjust the size of the subway art to fit the glass size of your frame. This projects frame is 15″x12″ and the die cut is 11″x7″.

-On the screen “ungroup” the die cut into three pieces and die cut each one from a different color of vinyl, this project used green for the top, red for the middle and brown for the bottom.

-Remove the die cut words from the cutting mat and “weed” away any excess vinyl, around and between letters, etc. leaving only the cut words on the vinyl backing sheet. Using a pick tool is very helpful with this step.

-Place the sticky side of the transfer tape over the die cut words and burnish (rub) it to make sure all the vinyl has stick and lift the words off the backing sheet. Place the transfer tape sticky side down (this is the side with the vinyl stuck to it) on to the glass of the picture frame, burnish it to make sure it all adheres to the glass, carefully peel off the transfer tape, leaving behind the vinyl on the glass. Note: Vinyl is a cling, not an adhesive, it can be easily removed, moved or changed once it’s been placed.

-Repeat these steps for all three colors of vinyl die cut words until are all on the glass, place the glass into the frame.

-Using the Silhouette and different leaf dies cut out several different leaves from coordinating pattern papers. Draw veins on the leaves with the marker and using the sponge and ink pad rub ink onto the edges of all the leaves.

-Using the glue dots adhere the leaves around the edges of the frame.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!