DIY Fall Fairy Charm

DIY Fall Fairy Charm

Just because the leaves are falling and nights are turning crisp doesn't mean that fairies are done living in your garden. They still have a lot of work to do creating a rich palette of autumnal colors and melting the frost from fall-blooming flowers every morning. Show the few folk you appreciate their efforts by hanging a fanciful Fall Fairy Charm outdoors for them to enjoy.

What you need

You Will Need:
• 1 6-inch wooden embroidery hoop
• 2 yards of 20-guage craft wire
• Assorted beads in fall tones
• 2 yards fall-colored, gossamer ribbon
• Natural dried leaves, acorns or pods
• A shiny charm (use a broken earring or a pendant you no longer wear)


Many spiritual traditions consider the seven-pointed star, or septagram, to be a sacred symbol. For many the seven points represent all the directions from which humans receive the elements of life: east, south, west, and north, above, below and within. But the seven-pointed star is frequently referred to as the fairy star because the shape is connected to the Tuatha De Dannon, a mythical race of fairy-like people and the queen of the fairies, Maeve.

Whether or not this charm actually attracts any wee people into your garden making one is a fun way to celebrate the changing season and bring a little magic into your life.

Wrap a knot in the end of the wire and string it with beads. Leave about 6 inches empty at the end of the wire. Practice making your 7-pointed star with a piece of yarn. If you’re confused, look at the photo sample and draw your finger over the star beginning with the bottom, left-most line going up to the center and back down to the bottom right-most line. String the beads onto the hoop winding the wire around the hoop at each point. Push a few beads out of the way to expose bare wire as you wrap it. Begin and end the star by winding and knotting the wire for security.

Attach a charm to the end of a 14-inch length of wire and fill it with beads. Wrap and tie the end of the wire onto the hoop in the center of the two bottom points.

Start at the top point and wrap the hoop with ribbon. Use a dot of glue to start and finish the ribbon wrap.

Cut two pieces of ribbon approximately 36 inches long and tie them to the bottom of the loop at the two bottom points.

Use a short piece of ribbon to create a loop for hanging at the top of the embroidery hoop.

Glue a small leaf or pod into the hoop at each point of the star. This embellishment not only adds visual appeal but will hide any knots and wraps.

All done!


  1. Joan Kearney says

    I made this and it really came out so pretty. Great idea!

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