Seed Bead Amulet

Seed Bead Amulet

Easy step by step directions for making the seed bead amulet

What you need

Beading needle Thread/powerpro fishing line (can use normal thread)
1 color of seed bead
1 color bugle bead 3mm


Step One: Using the ladder stitch thread on six beads then go through first three and pull tight, through the next three and thread on three more beads, repeat this step until you have at least 28 ladders or rows of three, then sew ends together so that it forms a loop.

Step Two: Using bugles or different color/size beads do the same ladder stitch until you have 28 ladders or rows. Repeat step one three times and step two twice. Now you should have 5 pieces.

Step Three: Now taking all pieces or loops you have just created your going to sew them all together and add bottom of Amulet. Taking first piece and second piece and starting at the end of the row take needle and thread through first row of three beads in first piece, then take needle and thread through first row of three beads in second piece, then third and fourth and fifth: now add three beads and turning work over go up through fifth piece, the one right opposite the bead row in fifth you just came down, then fourth , then third, then second, then first now in next row of three beads go down, after adding three beads at the bottom turn work and go back through in this matter till Amulet is all sewn together.

Step Four: Adding dangles which you can do in anyway you want but put the dangles through the center of the three beads you added to the bottom when you were sewing the Amulet together.

Step Five: The strap is done almost like the ladder stitch bot sort of sideways; thread on six beads go through the next three add two bugles and go down through three beads and up through three beads and one bugle, then thread on six more beads and go down through one bugle and up the other bugle and three beads thread on tow bugles and repeat this step until strap measures at least 22 inches. Now take strap and attach to the sides of your Amulet at the top or you may attach it right to the sides and add dangles off your strap experiment till you have something you like.


  1. what is latter stitches?

  2. This is sooo beautiful!I think I will make it!

  3. Freakish looking and confusing!!!

  4. need illustrations for step 1.

  5. great simple directions! looks great too!

  6. Pony Beads? – hmmm.. that would look silly and Large but good project for a child.

  7. Can you make this using pony beads, etc. instead of seed beads, other than that this looks to be like a pretty good project.

  8. This is a necklace

  9. Um..This may sound silly, but what are you supposed to do with it? And waht exactly is an amulet?

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